Monday, March 22, 2010

APD Project #2: LINES

The lines of the grass are depicted in the strokes of the lines throughout the dress. The movement of the lines can be seen in both pictures.

Sources: &

The lines of the desert sand make a wavy line which are shown at the bottom of the brown dress.

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The double yellow stripes that are shown on the road are also shown on the models stockings.

Sources: &

The lines of a zebra are shown in a cardigan.

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The lines connecting the glass plates to the disco ball create straight lines going vertical and horizontal. The dress shown has the same vertical and horizontal lines created with the sliver sequins.

Sources: &

The curved lines of the fan are depicted in the formal dress creating a half wheel look.

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The bold black lines in the rubics cube are portrayed in the dress creating a geometric, block look.

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The lines shown in a water droplet show a smaller circle in the middle and then larger circles following. The lines are also shown in tie-dye by tying rubber bands to fabric to create this look.

Sources: &

The straight lines creating a triangle shape in the cover of the cell phone are depicted in the lines created by the black and white colors of the dress. Both are very geometric lines.

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The lines a spider creates to build a spider web to trap its food is created with straight lines. The dress has a mesh opening in the back and embroidery creates the lines of a spider web.

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**All sources are sighted with the object first and the apparel is sighted second

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Location, Location, Location

When I was at home this past weekend, I went to the local Harris Teeter near my house. I found this location perfect. It is surrounded by multiple neighborhoods and it is in a small shopping center. I think this helps shoppers come into Harris Teeter because they may be eating lunch and then remember something that you forgot to get at the grocery store. The shopping center is small enough that you can park your car and walk around. This Harris Teeter could be used as a spontaneous shopping. Just recently Harris Teeter did construction to make it the store bigger and added more checkout lanes for a more convenient and fast checkout. Since they did this Reconstruction I have not found any disadvantages with Harris Teeter. It attracts a lot of customers in three ways. One way is the surrounding neighborhoods allow a close drive to get groceries. The second way it attracts customers is with the local shops around to also help bring spontaneous shoppers into the grocery store. The last reason that this location is so good is because it is on the way to and from the city. Most people pass this Harris Teeter when going to or from work so they could stop and pick up dinner on the way. All in all I think this location of the Harris Teeter could not be in a better location.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

bankruptcy and the consumer

Over the past year the economy has been declining and digging itself deeper and deeper into a recession. That includes a lot of stores going bankrupt. Circut City announced bankruptcey on November 10, 2008. It was the number two electronics seller after best buy. However fast forward to the beginning of 2008 when stores were just beginning to announce that they were shutting down stores throughout the country. An article from CNN money stated "Consumers will be skeptical about buying a $1,000 or $2,000 flatscreen TV with a warranty at Circuit City," said Craig Johnson, retail analyst and president of Customer Growth Partners. "In their mind, there's no guarantee that the company will still be around in the future." Personally I think this is the main problem. When stores begin to announce that they are shutting down stores, consumers get scared and don't want to shop there anymore. I remember when my mom told me that Circut City was closing stores and told me to use my remaining gift cards for there because it will probably go bankrupt. Another souce cnet news also stated the same thing, that consumers get scared to make large commitments and decide not to shop at that store anymore. In my opinion I don't think there is anything Circut City or any other retailer that is about to go bankrupt can do because it was fully the consumers decision to stay away from the stores. The only thing they could have done differently would be to have a lot of promotions and be more finacially responsible.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

target audiences for retail stores

Retailers make money by attracting specific customers to their stores. I used to think that the target audience was based on age, income, and education. However after reading and learning more about the target audience I have realized that it is more than that. After taking the survey on VALS, it showed that I was an experiencer therefore I shop based on self expression and social aspects. Characteristics of the consumer help determine the target audience as well. If a store is selling fashionable, yet cheap clothes like forever21 they are going to appeal more towards girls aged between 15 and 22. This target audience is normally looking for an outfit to go out with friends in or an outfit to wear to school. Whereas a retailer that sells button down shirts and suits is more appealing to an older audience because they need clothes for work and to look professional. Dick's sporting goods appeals to athletic people. If a person needs shoes for soccer or a work out outfit they head to Dick's. They have a wider range of target audience. Depending on what the consumer is shopping for and their income is a huge factor in target audiences.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

About Express

As I searched throughout the Express web sight the first thing I noticed was a quote by Michael Weiss, the president and chief executive officer of Express. This quote stood out to me because it defines why I enjoy Express so much. Michael Weiss stated "Express is not about a single point in time, but rather a spirit, energy, and a belief that we can and will be the best retail fashion brand in the world". Express started in 1980 as an eight-store experimental division called Limited Express for what is now Limited Brands. The brand went from zero to a billion dollars in sales in ten years. Express started as an experiment. It was developed after another very successful retailer. In 2001, the Structure division of Limited Brands was folded into Express to create the powerful, dual gender brand that exists today. In July 2007 Express became an independent, privately held company. One designer for express states that they find inspiration and trends from all over the world and then interpret those trends into something that consumers in the United States will buy. Today Express has over 550 stores nationwide and an online store. Not only does Express create sexy, sophisticated, must have trends for work, the weekend, or going out they also have a men's portion that has become successful. Express is in the process of expanding Express in other countries and getting a store in Hawaii. I am excited to see the positive changes Express will make in the near future.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

RCS261: Favorite retailer

Working in retailing has helped me when shopping at other stores. Through my years I have shopped at many stores. However my favorite would have to be Express. Express has a variety of selections from jeans, to cocktail dresses, to fun and flirty shirts. My mom always taught me to shop at places where the majority of the people my age would not shop at. So the majority of people my age here on campus shop at forever 21 and there is not much variety so a lot of people are going to have the same outfit as you, this is what I try to avoid. That is why Express is one of my favorite retailers because not a lot of people my age shop there. Express also is made to fit a women's body with the full on curves which I have which fits me well. Although Express is more pricey it is still reasonable. The clothes fit well and are made well which is a key factor is retailing. Another thing I like about Express is that it is always up to date with the key fashions and goes beyond by creating new trends. Every time I wear Express I always feel like the leader rather than the follower of fashion. It makes me feel better about myself and I feel that is how clothes should make you feel. That is why Express is my favorite retailer.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Housing crisis affected home fashion retail

With the economy in a recession on the way to a depression everything in
the economy has come to a hault. Consumers are not willing to buy as much as
they did in the past because of the tight money issues. Not only does this
effect the clothing aspect but the home fashion retail. Right now we are in a
housing crisis. Houses are not being sold or bought due to sticky financial
issues arrising. Without new houses people do not need to decorate therefore the
home fashion retail is plummeting. I think that the home fashion is in much more
danger than clothing because even with the recession people need clothes to
wear, however people can hold off on decorating their houses. This is not good
for the home fashion retail. Another reason why I feel the home fashion retail
is plummeting is because home fashion trends change every ten years, where as in
clothing there is a seasonal based trend. This could be another reason why the
home fashion retail segment is losing money as well. I am not looking forward to the
future and to see where the economy will lead the fashion industries.