Wednesday, February 4, 2009

About Express

As I searched throughout the Express web sight the first thing I noticed was a quote by Michael Weiss, the president and chief executive officer of Express. This quote stood out to me because it defines why I enjoy Express so much. Michael Weiss stated "Express is not about a single point in time, but rather a spirit, energy, and a belief that we can and will be the best retail fashion brand in the world". Express started in 1980 as an eight-store experimental division called Limited Express for what is now Limited Brands. The brand went from zero to a billion dollars in sales in ten years. Express started as an experiment. It was developed after another very successful retailer. In 2001, the Structure division of Limited Brands was folded into Express to create the powerful, dual gender brand that exists today. In July 2007 Express became an independent, privately held company. One designer for express states that they find inspiration and trends from all over the world and then interpret those trends into something that consumers in the United States will buy. Today Express has over 550 stores nationwide and an online store. Not only does Express create sexy, sophisticated, must have trends for work, the weekend, or going out they also have a men's portion that has become successful. Express is in the process of expanding Express in other countries and getting a store in Hawaii. I am excited to see the positive changes Express will make in the near future.

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