Thursday, August 28, 2008

My favorite designer and why

Throughout my teenage years I have always been into fashion. I began watching different fashion designers during fashion week and looking at the different colors they use in each collection. Through the years of observation I have come across some designers that aspire me and whom have similar tastes as I. The one designer that I feel continually does outstanding work is Oscar de la Renta.
His work is very classic yet he adds contemporary patterns, textures, and fabric to his work. Oscar de la Renta uses floral patterns to portray a more feminine style. The fabric used is silk in most of his collections although now days manufacturers can duplicate silk which is not the silk from the silk worm but man made silk which can be bought at a lower cost. Although this silk also is very feminine which makes Oscar de la Renta a well known designer. He also plays a lot with draping and a mixture of ruffles. In his fall 2008 collection Oscar de la Renta adds ruffles to a blouse at the top of the shirt near the collar. This design is very in style right now yet he adds his own touch by doing a different shape to the ruffle. The whole design aspect of Oscar de la Renta is outstanding in my opinion with the new creative aspects he adds.
However the main reason I love his work so much is that he pairs neutral colors with a pop of color. Ever since seeing this in his collections I have tried to imitate it in my style by either adding the pop of color with an accessory or an article of clothing. Oscar de la Renta will pop a black outfit with a dash of purple or red either through the design of the clothing or by adding a colorful accessory to the outfit. These pops of colors make the outfits sophisticated yet still fun and flirty which exemplifies my own style.
Another reason why Oscar de la Renta is my favorite designer is because he knows how clothes should fit a womans body and that certain features women want hidden or excentuated. Oscar de la Renta adds alot of belts throughout his collections to help break up the womans body which makes them look proportional and excentuates the curves of the hips. I feel clothes should make a woman feel better about herself because of the way clothes fit the curves of the body and excentuates certain features. Oscar de la Renta exemplifies this throughout his work through the colors he uses, the classic yet contemporary look, and the way the clothes fit the consumer.