Thursday, February 12, 2009

target audiences for retail stores

Retailers make money by attracting specific customers to their stores. I used to think that the target audience was based on age, income, and education. However after reading and learning more about the target audience I have realized that it is more than that. After taking the survey on VALS, it showed that I was an experiencer therefore I shop based on self expression and social aspects. Characteristics of the consumer help determine the target audience as well. If a store is selling fashionable, yet cheap clothes like forever21 they are going to appeal more towards girls aged between 15 and 22. This target audience is normally looking for an outfit to go out with friends in or an outfit to wear to school. Whereas a retailer that sells button down shirts and suits is more appealing to an older audience because they need clothes for work and to look professional. Dick's sporting goods appeals to athletic people. If a person needs shoes for soccer or a work out outfit they head to Dick's. They have a wider range of target audience. Depending on what the consumer is shopping for and their income is a huge factor in target audiences.

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