Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Location, Location, Location

When I was at home this past weekend, I went to the local Harris Teeter near my house. I found this location perfect. It is surrounded by multiple neighborhoods and it is in a small shopping center. I think this helps shoppers come into Harris Teeter because they may be eating lunch and then remember something that you forgot to get at the grocery store. The shopping center is small enough that you can park your car and walk around. This Harris Teeter could be used as a spontaneous shopping. Just recently Harris Teeter did construction to make it the store bigger and added more checkout lanes for a more convenient and fast checkout. Since they did this Reconstruction I have not found any disadvantages with Harris Teeter. It attracts a lot of customers in three ways. One way is the surrounding neighborhoods allow a close drive to get groceries. The second way it attracts customers is with the local shops around to also help bring spontaneous shoppers into the grocery store. The last reason that this location is so good is because it is on the way to and from the city. Most people pass this Harris Teeter when going to or from work so they could stop and pick up dinner on the way. All in all I think this location of the Harris Teeter could not be in a better location.

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